Diplomat Pools & Spas has been carrying the Sunrise Spas brand of spas and hot tubs for over 9 Years. We are proud to provide a high quality product that is not only made in Canada (Grimsby, Ontario) but also designed and engineered for Canadian climates. Let Diplomat Pools and Spas show you the benefits and features that spas and hot tubs can offer. Visit our showroom and see and feel the difference for yourself.



What Can a Sunrise Spa Mean to you ?



Everyone can benefit enormously from hot-water therapy. The soothing benefits of hot water and an invigorating massage relieve the body’s muscles of pain and tension, relaxing and rejuvenating the mind and body. Occasional athletes, over achieving home improvers and dedicated employees alike get all the benefits of hydrotherapy in the privacy of their own homes.


Hot water therapy is one of the oldest forms of relaxation known to humanity. Reduced stress, has numerous benefits for the heart, body, mind and soul. Less stress gives you more energy for the fun and productive parts of your life. Ease your tensions away with the addition of a Sunrise Spa.


The warm, gently bubbling water is a wonderful healthy gathering spot for you and you loved ones. Spend quality time away from the television and other distractions and get to know one another again. Open up the lines of communication while you relax and unwind from your busy day at work or school


It's the perfect way to pamper yourself, one of the few activities that can be fully appreciated alone. Just imagine the silence, the gentle massage on your aches and pains and the soothing, nurturing effects of hot water. You can almost feel the tension melt away.

For sheer fun, relaxation and relief from aching muscles and/or arthritis pain; spas and hot tubs can’t be beat. Owning a spa or hot tub is one investment that you and your loved ones will truly enjoy.



The better built Hot Tub, featuring:

Dual layers of insulation
Synthetic Cabinet (Maintenance Free)
Galvanized Steel Framing System
ABS Floor Pan
Ease of Serviceability